Western Pines Honors Three Students

Principal Robert Hatcher, along with the staff and faculty at Western Pines Middle School, is proud to present the students of the month. These students have been selected by their IT and medical academy teachers as students who represent the best of the school. They are excellent students and young people of character.

Sixth-grader Leonardo Gonzalez is always on task with his assignments, constantly participating in class discussions and lessons. He also demonstrates a great example of the ROAR rules and provides a positive role model for other students. Gonzalez behaves well in class and puts 100 percent effort on his class work.

From the seventh-grade class comes Patrick Bosco as pre-med student of the month. Bosco is a natural leader who always puts a total effort into everything he does. He excels academically, but he also sets a wonderful example for other students with his character.

Finally, eighth-grader Alexandra De luera is a bright, energetic, compassionate and well-rounded young lady. Her grades have been consistently above average, and she has actively participated in group activities trying to get support to students who need extra help with assignments. It is clear to De luera’s teachers that she is an exceptional student who deserves this award.

ABOVE: Principal Robert Hatcher with Alexandra De leura, Leonardo Gonzalez and Patrick Bosco.