Letter: Idea Could Spur Organ Donation

Here’s a way for insurance companies to save lives and revolutionize their industry: Through their life insurance policy holders, make an offer of reduced premiums in exchange for any organ the insurance company may or may not need at the life policy holder’s death. It would give the insurance company a never-ending supply of organs.

Through their health insurance policy holders, an increase in premiums would make them eligible for any organ they would need for a transplant during the term of their health insurance policy.

How this would work: I am a life insurance policy holder living in any town USA. I die tomorrow and, in another town USA, is a person with a health insurance policy through the same insurance company needing a heart, lung, kidney, eyes or anything that can be transplanted. The insurance company is then able to take any transplantable part from my body, fly it to the person needing the transplant and install it in that person. This allows any transplantable part to be flown to anyone needing the transplant with no storage of organs being needed. A simple removal and installation process within a limited time. This would give hope to transplant recipients.

Ronald Piretti, Royal Palm Beach


  1. Great idea! You should forward a copy of your letter to some major life insurance companies, and maybe your local politicians. I just wonder how it would work with other existing organizations that currently are dealing with the logistics of organ donations.

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