Letter: Legal Slavery Here In Florida

The Palm Beach Post’s Dec. 5 headline “Inmates Saving Money For Local Municipalities” demonstrates why Florida deserves a big congratulations. Florida found a cleaner, less guilt-ridden way to brag about slavery.

With one of the highest inmate populations in the United States, and with so many people unjustly being jailed for 20 years or more for non-violent crimes committed without a weapon, and other offenses, Florida’s for-profit prisons have not only turned huge profits for its investors, but also provided an endless supply of slaves.

Also, let’s give a big thanks to all those judges and investors who make sure these profit prisons are filled to capacity, and mostly with brown-skinned inmates and women of all shades. Hooray, Florida! You sly old dog. You actually found a way to sanitize the long-standing slavery, whether in the big-ag fields or in municipalities.

I feel much better now knowing that prejudice is gone. I’m going to run off to church now to light a candle and tell Jesus all about it.

Jude Smallwood, Royal Palm Beach


  1. Next time you go to Church to light a candle, light a candle for the poor unfortunate souls who are lost in crime and end up in prison.

    The biggest reason for crime is poverty, the biggest reason for poverty is too few jobs. The biggest reason why there are few jobs is because we no longer manufacture enough, one of the reasons we no longer manufacture enough is because some manufacturing emits particles into the air including carbon dioxide. If you believe in global warming then you believe that manufacturing is bad. If you believe Manufacturing is bad for the environment you don’t want manufacturing. If you don’t want manufacturing you don’t have jobs. If you don’t have jobs you have poverty. If you have poverty you have crime. If you have crime you have prisons. For-profit prisons do not cause people to commit crime. The US has more people in prison than any other country

  2. It is about time we have some reform in this regard. There is something morally wrong with for-profit prisons.

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