Letter: Look Into Sem Pratt Project

The following letter is addressed to County Commissioner Jess Santamaria. It was sent to the Town-Crier for publication.

Dear Commissioner,

I don’t know if you have traveled Seminole Pratt Whitney Road recently or not. No matter though, as little has changed in the past six months. I wonder if anyone on the county level inspects or holds accountable the firm that is doing the road building.

It seems to me, as an Acreage resident who drives this road repeatedly, that little if any work is actually done on this stretch. Countless times the construction vehicles either sit abandoned or just push and roll dirt ad infinitum with no completion or paving ever done. That is, until someone complains and the media looks in. Then, in a matter of days, a section of road gets quickly paved. Then it’s back to the endless rolling and scraping.

The road surface is smoothed all down in preparation for paving, then it is mysteriously torn back up again and more rolling and scraping occurs, on and on. It seems to me, and many others that I have spoken with on this very issue, that the contractors have zero incentive to complete this project. Are they not on a time schedule with incentive-based goals like every other road construction project,? Are they just a mismanaged company? I don’t know for sure, but I am certain that someone in the county engineering department should be queried on this topic. Because, frankly, this road construction project has become a joke within the western communities.

As an addendum, I was reminded by my wife this evening of the extreme safety hazard this construction or lack thereof is creating. It is not only dangerous during the day, but at night during weather conditions. The road is a severe accident waiting to happen.

Donald Reese, The Acreage


  1. I have a feeling the road will be done in time for the Minto development to break ground. (and I am not psychic)

    • From what I heard the County will Not be paving that 1 mile stretch through the orange grove and forcing Minto to do it in the future. Imagine, if you will, the bottlenecks that are going to occur as the lane go from 4 down to 2 and then back up to 4 again. Now imagine rush hour as school is letting out. The circus continues.

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