’Twas The Week Before Christmas


Can you believe it? Christmas is almost here! To get you in the spirit of the season, I generously offer this holiday rhyme without reason…

’Twas the week before Christmas,
And all through the village,
Not a person was snoozing,
With stores left to pillage.

Cold weather had held off,
’Til this week it dipped,
So those needing cool gusts
To shop, needed gifts.

And Christmas on Wednesday,
Most workers just love this;
While bosses tear hair out,
Staff leaves, thinking, “Shove it!”

’Cuz nothing says “Christmas”
Like five days off work.
Plus weekends makes nine,
What an end-of-year perk!

’Course there’s still lots to do,
And Dad lets his teen know it.
“No lying around! See
That grass out there? Mow it!”

“Christmas cookies are baking,
And there’s wrapping to do.
There’s a tree to be trimmed,
I need help! I need you!”

“We have friends at the airport,
They all need a ride!
And those fresh-baked warm cookies?
They all need to be tried!”

Good thing holidaytime seems to
Make all chores easy!
’Specially those that are outdoors,
When it’s cool and it’s breezy!

“So get those lights up!
Plug them in. Do they work?
They don’t? Well, that’s just
One more holiday quirk.”

“You can fix them! You must!
’Cuz the clock’s counting down.
And soon Santa will fly,
Over our little town.”

And when he looks over,
And sees those lights workin’
And sees the lawn mowed,
He’ll know you weren’t shirkin’.

He’ll fill up your stocking,
With lots of beef jerky,
And Mom will give you the
Best part of the turkey.

’Cuz Christmas is something
We work on together,
And when it’s all done,
Our caps get a feather.

Dad says what he must
To get holiday aid,
But he also teaches,
“Families aren’t born, they’re made.”

So to you and your
Hardworking teenagers, tots,
And grandmas and grandpas
And relatives (lots)…

I say, “Merry Christmas!
You make this day bright!
And Wellington shines
Because of your light!”

So, there you have it. My special holiday gift to you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of the Welky-Miles clan.