Letter: Responding To George Unger

I feel compelled to reply to the outrageous letter (Speaking About Punctuation…, Nov. 29) by George Unger, an obvious socialist! Your sarcasm didn’t go unnoticed. How dare Glenn Waters say anything disparaging against comrade Obama, our King!

You write half truths and misinformation. Let’s start with the Iraq War. The misinformation you speak of came from the Clinton administration and the government intelligence network of the U.S. (you forgot Clinton dropping missiles on an aspirin factory). Or that twice — not once, but twice — Clinton had Osama bin Laden by the CIA, who wanted to lock him up but were told by Clinton to let him go! As for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s so convenient for you libs to never mention 9/11.

As for the housing collapse, can anyone say “Barney Frank” and “Chris Dodd?” One year before the collapse, when President Bush said the housing market was going to collapse if mortgages were to keep going to people who couldn’t afford them, Barney Frank went on TV and said Fannie Mae was solid. A lie!

But let’s get back to Unger’s criticism of Bush. In 2008, the unemployment ratio was 5.0 in the beginning of the year and went to 7.3 when Bush left office. Obama said when he got in it wouldn’t hit 8.0. Gas prices were under $2 a gallon.

Now Obama has had six years, let’s see how things are. Six months after he got in, gas went to $4 a gallon and has been around $3.50 ever since.

So let’s go through the Obama legacy: The stimulus package, a complete bust, paid off unions and friends who helped him get elected. The national debt was $10.626 trillion when Bush left office, Bush ran it up $4.939 trillion. Since Obama took office, it now stands at $17 trillion (thanks, Obama, for putting our grandkids in debt). Then there’s “Fast and Furious,” by Eric Holder, where thousands of Mexicans have died. Or Holder refusing to prosecute blacks for violations at voting locations. Then we have the IRS scandal investigating conservatives. Moving to Benghazi, where four Americans died — what an absolute travesty — and you want to talk hurricanes. What about Sandy? Staten Island is still waiting for aide, and Gov. Chris Christie didn’t get the aide he was promised.

And now for Obamacare. Lies, lies, lies. Unions getting exemptions, restaurants in Nancy Pelosi’s district exempt, the Senate is exempt. As a matter of fact, Obama exempted more than 1,200 groups, including members of Congress. So the same people who shoved Obamacare down our throats (the Democrats in the Senate and Congress) are exempt. What unmitigated hypocrisy!

And let me leave you with this, Mr. Unger, 575 Americans died in Afghanistan in 88 months under Bush and 577 died in 19 months under Obama. He’s had six years. Get us out. Stop blaming Bush already. Even Obama said Afghanistan was a just war.

All this information can be found on Google, so don’t take my word for it. I’m sorry, did I mention the $100 million Obama spent on his African vacation in 2013? Even the Queen of England doesn’t spend that. Well, he is the king. Right, Mr. Unger?

Thomas J. Euell, Wellington