Do You Need To Get More Vitamin D?


Increasingly vitamin D has become part of discussions about nutrition and general health. Do you need more of this “sunshine vitamin?” Let’s take a look.

Vitamin D strengthens your immune system, helps move your muscles and aids nerve impulses in traveling through the brain and body. It may also lead to less weight gain, fewer problems with regular daily activities, lower blood pressure, a reduced risk of autoimmune disorders and some cancers, and a longer life when combined with calcium.

The United States government recommends that adults get 600 IU daily until age 70. After that, 800 IU should be the daily standard.

However, few foods naturally contain Vitamin D. How do you get it?

Think about cod liver oil — yes, mother was right! There are some 1360 IUs in one tablespoon of cod liver oil.

Also, try swordfish with 566 IU in three ounces, salmon with 447 IU in three ounces and canned tuna with 154 IU in three ounces.
Plus, check your morning orange juice or milk… usually the label will boast of having 100 IUs added in eight ounces.

Checking the possible problem is individual and simple. A solution, if necessary, can also be relatively simple.