Letter: Save Wellington Christian School

As parents, we always look for the best for our children. That is why we moved to Wellington, which has some of the best-rated schools in all of Palm Beach County. We chose Wellington Christian School, but at that time, WCS didn’t have the program for my son, who was ready for pre-K then, so we decided to put both of our children in a public school, a great school, but not Christian. Then the re-zoning came, and my kids had to go to another school, and then another. In a short period of time they were moved more times than we liked, so then we decided to try again at WCS.

My daughter is now in ninth grade and my son is in sixth. This is our third year in WCS, and our family has seen the positive changes in our kids. Although in a public school, they could have more stuff, more programs and, of course, more classmates, Wellington Christian School provides our kids with a quality education. WCS doesn’t have a lot of the things that the public schools have, but the programs we found there have made a difference in our community and in our kids’ lives and future.

I believe this is a time where the community has to step up and ask how they can help. We need to save this school, a school that even with financial problems has never stopped helping others with programs such as the SWAP Team, which helps people in this community and others in need of service.

What happens if WCS closes? What is going to happen to all of the quality students, from decent families, and the great businesses which WCS attracts to Wellington area? For us it is too much to lose, and I am not just talking about all of the money we’ve already invested in our children’s education, but also the dreams and all of the plans they have.

We are proud parents of Wellington Christian School students, and we are doing everything possible to save the school. What are you going to do as a community?

Marco Fabian Duque, Royal Palm Beach