Letter: WCS Mission Is Important To The Community

Our family started at Wellington Christian School a year and half ago. We now have two children attending WCS; one daughter in PK-4 and another daughter in PK-2. Our youngest will be in the PK-2 program starting next school year.

When our first child was born, my husband and I had just moved into our house in Wellington. Shortly thereafter, we began considering education options for our children. We decided that we wanted to find an institution that they could start in pre-K and ultimately graduate from the very same institution. We also wanted the school to have a strong academic basis, as well as a strong Christian foundation. We found the culmination of all these things in WCS and were very excited for our children’s educational future.

In the short time we have been enrolled at the school, our expectations have been exponentially exceeded. We have discovered that WCS is so much more than what we initially thought. The friends/bonds our children have developed, as well as the friendships we have made ourselves amongst other parents, teachers and staff have been remarkable. It truly is a family environment that is an honor to be part of.

Needless to say, my husband and I were devastated to learn of the financial situation and the deficit facing the school. Again, we wanted our children to have a “one stop shop” for their entire primary and secondary education process. To learn of the high school closing was extremely disappointing.

Nonetheless, it is only a part of the wonderful things that make up WCS. We are still very happy and proud to be part of the school and value the education our children will receive through the eighth grade. However, we still would like to see the high school return in the near future once the financial specifics can be worked out.

We are joining the rest of the WCS family in a campaign to try and save the high school for the immediate future. The WCS family is such a great part of this community and gives so much back in the form of a solid, moral educational foundation for its students. WCS is also somewhat of a hidden gem, as most residents in the area are not aware of the school or the wonderful things associated with it.

We encourage anyone reading this to visit the campus and interact with some of the students, parents and/or staff. Perhaps they will then discover why everyone associated with WCS is so passionate about it and are equally as disappointed with the current financial situation. It is this same passion that has prompted the WCS family to reach out to the community in a fundraising campaign in an effort to save the high school. Any contribution is greatly appreciated and will go toward the education of children who will be future leaders in this community and many others.

Please consider learning more about WCS and the WCS family and making a contribution that will be so beneficial to so many.

Jessica Duncan, Wellington