School District Offering New GED Programs

The School District of Palm Beach County is now offering several programs to help adult students take and pass the newly revised GED test.

The new GED 2014 test has been overhauled to better prepare adults to earn a high school diploma, paving their way to enter higher education programs and access better jobs with better wages.

Some of the new features students can use when they register for the GED 2014 test include:

• A one-stop resource for test registration, test preparation and more.

• Tools to develop personalized study plans and find study materials or in-person classes.

•A skills assessment to help test-takers match skills with possible careers and focus on career plans to get to better jobs with better wages.

• Access to information and resources to help test-takers apply for college or training programs and fill out financial aid forms.

• An official practice test that shows test-takers their strengths and where they need to improve, including specific pages to study in their training materials at home and online.

The GED 2014 test is entirely computer-based with multiple choice, short answer and essay questions. It consists of four test modules: Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science and Social Studies. Each test costs $32 and can be taken separately. The total cost for all four test modules is $128. The GED test is available in Spanish. Testing is now available.

Although the test is computer-based, it is not done through the Internet. Students must take the test at an authorized testing center. The Department of Adult and Community Education (ACE) of the School District of Palm Beach County is the official GED testing center for Palm Beach County.

Additionally, ACE offers GED classes to prepare students for the new GED test. GED classes are conveniently available online and on-site at more than 30 locations.

Tuition fees cost $30 for each semester for Florida residents and $120 for non-Florida residents.

Students enrolled in GED or ESOL classes receive free Career Pathways counseling. The next semester of GED classes begins Monday, Jan. 13 and runs through to April 17. Class registration began Monday, Jan. 6.

The GED test is the only high school equivalency program fully aligned to state college and career readiness standards. More than 18 million people have passed the GED test since its inception in 1942.

Studies show that people with a high school credential earn $568,000 more in a lifetime than people without a high school credential.