Cooperative Extension 4-H Program To Offer Free Teen Finance Workshop

The Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service is offering another free session of its “On Your Own Financial Literacy Workshop” on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

In this hands-on class, children ages 12 to 18 will learn survival skills for the future.

Participants will learn how to understand and manage finances in a simulated real-world environment. Membership in 4-H is not required.

The workshop will be held Tuesday, Feb. 18 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Cooperative Extension Service, 559 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach. Tuesday is not a school day.

Activities include: taking a personality test; discovering careers that match personality type; learning about salary, payroll and taxes; learning how to write checks; developing a budget in a chosen career and family situation; and shopping at the “4-H City” for housing, transportation, food, child care, clothing, entertainment, insurance and utilities while staying in a budget.

Pre-registration is required and attendees must be able to read well and use a calculator. For more info., e-mail or call (561) 233-1731.