Letter: Disappointed In Wellington Village Council

I was shocked and disappointed at the Wellington Village Council’s decision to remove fluoride from our water. I quietly listened during the hearing on Tuesday to all the arguments, and it was abundantly clear that the council members sided with the conspiracy theorists instead of the fact-based, highly educated professionals who dedicated their lives to the field of healthcare.

How they could not side with science and the Centers for Disease Controls (CDC) recommendations is extremely disturbing to me. The CDC described fluoridation as one of the 10 most important public health accomplishments of the 20th century. I could almost understand Vice Mayor Howard Coates defending his position believing people should not be forced to drink fluoride without their consent. I would argue that the benefits have proven to outweigh the risks. Councilmen Matt Willhite and John Greene’s argument was that there was not enough proof of the long-term effects.

Council members chose to agree with the local conspiracy theorists, refusing to listen to people who have dedicated their lives to the health of the general population. Instead, the council members questioned why these health professionals came from great distances to debate fluoridation in our village. Great distances include such foreign lands as Lake Worth.

To follow the twisted logic of the council, I suggest the Wellington Village Council adopt the following measures. Remove the Patriot Memorial. The 9/11 attack was a government conspiracy to draw the U.S. into a regional war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Pass a measure to stop immunizations of our children. We do not know the long-term effects of immunization. While we are at it, please stop the Wellington Wireless Network. People should not be subjected to radio waves hitting their bodies. And finally, please change the green lights to amber in our traffic signals. I read that green can cause cataracts.

Rich Schoenfeld, Wellington


  1. Let’s add to your list of do-gooder mandates that have been taking away our freedom of choice… “If you like your insurance policy you can keep it.”… “if you like your doctor you can keep them.”… Amnesty for people overstaying their visa, jumping over the border fences, “undocumented aliens” with a”dream”… weapons of mass destruction… etc.
    You people crack me up. I’m supposed to drink fluoride laced kool-aid because the scientific community says so. The worst winter in 20 years because of global warming. try this pill… just because it is said by a consensus of scientist does not make it science. A consensus of scientists said the earth was the center of the universe and it is flat.
    Stop trying to make me do things that have nothing to do with my relationship with my fellow man.
    Start using fluoridated toothpaste and mouth wash. I get enough other poisons in the food that’s distributed to us.

    • Donald, this is the comment you made in the letter above: “just because it is said by a consensus of scientist does not make it science. A consensus of scientists said the earth was the center of the universe and it is flat.”

      Basically you are equating the level of science of the medieval ages with the level/state of science today. Unfortunately it shows that your level of scientific knowledge is sorely lacking. Since the Medieval Ages science has made leaps and bounds. The recent history of science techniques, methodologies, and discoveries is at a pace that is fantastic. It is not only a consensus of scientists that makes something science, it is the use of Scientific Method that makes it science.

      I suggest you study science more before saying comments like the one above.

  2. This Wellington Council is just bizarre. The only maturity on the council is Mayor Margolis. The 3 who voted against fluoride are easily influenced by propaganda groups which seem to be all of a sudden proliferating at Wellington meetings. Initially, WHO on the council brought up the issue of fluoride?

    This flouride issue should have been brought to the residents, not these 5 council members. The people of Wellington, not the council, should have had the final say. Why wasn’t this brought to the people?

    Hey, Council Members, there’s mercury in vaccinations!

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