Letter: Get The Facts About The ALA

Regarding last week’s letter from Tanya Litz (Stunned By Acreage Green Market Ad, Feb. 21), the Acreage Landowners’ Association wanted to take a stance on the Minto West project based on the accurate feelings on the community. That is the reason the ALA held the town hall meeting on Feb. 19 and encouraged the community to vote on the Minto West issue. Now that the ALA can take an accurate stance based on community feedback, it will. To take a stance without community feedback would have been irresponsible.

Just because the ALA commissioned a marketing company to handle the green market does not mean it is inept. What it means is that while there are plenty of people in our community who wanted a green market, there were none to actually step forward, coordinate and promote one. All of the marketing done by this company has had a positive result for our community. Ms. Litz said the ALA didn’t proof their own ads. The marketing company has been doing their job (creating ads) since the beginning of December and have done a good job. When you hire someone to do a job, it is done with the confidence in that company does not need to be micromanaged. Why would the marketing company question for a minute if it is OK for one of the green market vendors to donate money to the community via a coupon offer?

It is unfortunate that Ms. Litz doesn’t “believe for one minute” that the board wasn’t aware of the ad contents, because it is the truth. To say that Minto West has “found their way into someone’s pocket” is preposterous and slanderous.

Let’s start with facts, which Ms. Litz seems to be in short supply of. The ALA is a nonprofit organization, not a governmental organization. Ms. Litz’s comment that “it must stop before the corruption takes over” is delusional. Every ALA board member has the same voting privilege as the members, so Minto West would have nothing to gain by putting money in someone’s pocket, as there are more ALA members than board members. In order for pocket lining within the ALA to benefit Minto West, they would have to line the pockets of the majority of all members, not just the board members.

I disagree with Ms. Litz’s comment, “When honest, decent board members step down, it is time to look at who is left and why.” In my honest opinion, when board members step down, it is time to realize which board members have the commitment to stand up for their community, even in the face of huge issues facing our community. In other words, focus on the good. The ALA has no intention of bailing on the community by dissolving, as Ms. Litz suggested. Ms. Litz is quoted as saying, “It is not a representation of us anymore; it is a handful of people who do what they wish. They are no watchdog and have no purpose.” This statement reeks of bitterness and negativity and couldn’t be further from the truth.

If the ALA truly “did what they wish and have no purpose,” they would not have taken the considerable time and resources to provide the town hall meeting so the residents could ask questions, have their voice heard and place a vote. The ALA also provides various free events for the community. The only perks to the ALA board members is the satisfaction of knowing they are trying to better their community.

Ms. Litz is clearly misinformed regarding what transpires within the ALA. I invite her to stop her arm chair quarterbacking, paranoia and fear mongering, and get involved with the ALA and her community rather than writing uninformed, fact lacking, slanderous letters to the editor. Then perhaps she will have a clue of what the ALA and helping one’s community is all about.

Arlene Pollock, The Acreage



  1. Again…..you are barking up the wrong tree. If the BCC is going to have little to no say so with regards to Minto and other large scale developments due to the almost guaranteed passage of the now three bills in the state legislature………what exactly do you think the ALA can do that the BCC can’t? These bills are backed by big money developer lobbies……the kind of big money a grass roots organization would have a tremendously difficult time raising in a very short amount of time. Your fixation on the ALA will not help that……..Stop looking at the ALA…they are your hard working neighbors who are not the” sky is falling” type. They just want to focus their energy where it will be most useful . And right now, there is no one that can be of use ” politically” that would really change what is ultimately going to happen. Minto will be allowed to fast track incorporation , at which time they will be able to build the exact number and scope of the project that they initially presented. This is not make believe ……these are real Bills in the legislature , written by lobbyists and whole heartedly supported by a super majority that is pro development and a Governor who’s jobs plan has been so-so and could be put back on track with housing construction in an election year…………Welcome to Florida!

  2. My plan would be would be to get properly educated on exactly what is happening in the state legislature that would effect this project. The fact is , your energy , your time and your efforts are focused entirely on the ALA not doing EXACTLY what you want them to do. When in reality , there are currently two bills , being fast tracked through the Fl State legislature that will neuter local government entities from having a large say so in the development in their area. And that legislation will give Minto exactly what they asked for…….But you know that, right ? But , that is okay……you keep your eye on the ball and concentrate your energy on the ALA. Let’s see how that works out for you. And, if you believe that in your short residence in this community that the people you purpose to elect to the ALA board are going to magically make this place an Eden…………..LOL!!! Than yeah , you are gonna have big time buyers remorse! I have been watching this dog and pony show for almost two decades……..I have just a bit more historical knowledge than you and I can assure you……reasonable and rational , is not two attributes many you admire possess. To aligned with the crazed over a singular issue , is unwise and foolhardy.

  3. I am not sure I understand your motives to ” uncover” something sinister with the ALA. Whether you know it or not , the ALA whether they have 200 members or 20 , is the only voice of the Acreage that is recognized by the Board of Commissioners. That holds a lot of weight. Along with responsibility to get the correct temperature of the residents. Not just a few militants. The ALA sent a letter opposing Minto’s proposal….what else should they do ? Burn a Minto home in effigy ? You have pointed out all your criticisms ……..so , what is the answer to all of them? It is very easy to point the finger and critique imperfections and short comings….. What is your plan? and why? Thats right! you don’t have any answers or constructive ways to move forward………you just want to point out absurd exaggerations and complain. Come up with a plan and present it! That would be a welcome change from the incessant whining. You are not in cheese country anymore!!!!

    • What does being from Wisconsin have anything to do with this. Asking a question and not allowing one to answer? Silly. My plan? To vote accordingly for Board Members at the next ALA elections. Simple as that.

  4. The ALA does not represent the majority of the Acreage / Loxahatchee residents. With roughly only 200 members out of roughly 14,000 households the ALA is doing a serious representation of themselves indicating they are the “watchdogs” of the Community. I understand over the past month and a half, there has been a small growth to their membership, but think about this…. was it because people are opposing the Minto development? In MY opinion, perhaps individuals are thinking if they were part of the ALA they are part of helping defeat the overdevelopment? What IS the ALA doing to alert residents of the Acreage???

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