Letter: Keep Party Politics Out Of Wellington Vote

About three weeks ago, while doing yard work at my house, a young lady approached me and identified herself as a member of the Democratic Party asking for support for the two challengers in the upcoming Wellington Village Council election. When I identified myself as working on many campaigns over the years and a believer in non–partisan local elections, she departed rather quickly.

Local elections are about getting people elected who are committed to doing was it is best for the community, and avoiding the dysfunction that is exhibited by our state and national officials. Our local officials are responsible for the services that affect us on a daily basis; services that touch are home, our commute, our kids and whether our community is a positive place to live. We cannot tolerate the inaction and dysfunction that is exhibited by our state and national politicians at the local level — too much is at stake.

I have been active in local campaigns over the last 20 years, and political affiliation never entered into the conversation or was an issue, only what is best for the community. My reaction was that something is amiss with this scenario, especially with such a poor platform that the challengers were putting forward. Upon further investigation, it seemed that a large donation was made from a local donor to the Democratic group in Tallahassee to be funneled to these candidates. Wonder who this was? Here we go again: big money trying to control the council, just like the last election.

Although I have had differences with Vice Mayor Howard Coates and Councilwoman Anne Gerwig, they are independent and committed residents working for the betterment of the community. They do not answer to a single donor, and we do not need an entire council that answers to a single person who puts out large sums of dollars in order to control the fate of Wellington. Let’s do the right thing and elect individuals who vote with their conscience and experience.

Washington and Tallahassee politics have no place in local elections. Keep the dysfunction there.

Steve Haughn, Wellington