Letter: Kudos To County For C2Z Vote

As a resident of Palm Beach County concerned about the tragic plight of homeless animals and the ethical and financial issues involved, I am glad that on Feb. 4, the Palm Beach County Commission unanimously approved a resolution brought forth by the Animal Care & Control, which will establish Palm Beach County as a “Countdown to Zero” (C2Z) community with a 10-year goal of ending euthanasia of adoptable animals.

I hope that the commissioners, in approving this resolution, will also commit to dedicating the funding needed to achieve these goals. Funds spent on this project in the short term will save tax dollars in the long term. One important project should be to address trap, sterilize, return (TSR) and care of cats abandoned in our neighborhoods. A resident should be able to call Animal Care & Control for free assistance in TSR of cats they will care for but need help to get them sterilized and vaccinated against rabies. Whether residents of Palm Beach County love cats or loathe them, everyone agrees there are too many of them and their numbers need to be humanely reduced with the proven, effective TSR and care program.

Debbie Lewis, The Acreage