Letter: Speed Bumps For Sunset But Not Tangerine

The shameful shenanigans of the Indian Trail Improvement District continues unabated in various forms. Their meetings would have the makings of a good TV soap. I wonder if there is a method to their madness.

I travel along Sunset Blvd. several times per week at various times between Royal Palm Beach Blvd. and 110th Avenue North. Only on two occasions have I ever witnessed a speeding vehicle. Other motorists and some residents along Sunset Blvd. can verify this.

There are four law enforcement officers residing on that short stretch of road, and the presence of their vehicles could well be a deterrent to speeders, so it is safe to conclude that there is no speeding, no accidents and, above all, no fatalities along Sunset Blvd. east of Royal Palm Beach Blvd.

Given these facts, one wonders why ITID just installed speed bumps on Sunset Blvd. and also on 110th Avenue North. Is there a method to their madness?

Tangerine Blvd. (just west of Royal Palm Beach Blvd.), on the other hand, has several instances of speeding vehicles per day. There have been numerous accidents and more than one fatality. Yet it is not a priority for ITID, as requests for speed bumps by residents fall on deaf ears.

In the last local election, I voted for supervisors [Michelle] Damone and [Gary] Dunkley. After the most recent fatality, I e-mailed Damone and Dunkley stressing the urgent need for speed bumps/humps. Needless to say, my e-mails generated no response.

Many angry residents in my neck of the woods are concerned about safety and fed up with being treated with contempt by ITID board members, and can’t wait to see if the current board members would have the gall to seek re-election. My message to all ITID board members: ignore us at your peril.

Karl Witter, The Acreage