Letter: Stunned By Acreage Green Market Ad

To say that I was shocked when I cracked open the Town-Crier today (Feb. 14) would be an incredible understatement. As I turned the pages, I saw the advertisement for the Acreage Green Market (an Acreage Landowners’ Association sponsored event) including a $2 off coupon, “compliments of Minto West!”

The ALA is supposed to be the “watchdog” of our community. Based on their own mission statement, they are in place to enhance, preserve, protect, support and encourage. As of today, I am unaware of any official stance they have taken on the Minto West project, which is why I was stunned to see the coupon. By allowing this, the ALA “appears” to be endorsing the project and sending that message to the community.

I asked a member of the board who approved this, and her response was, “The board neither approved nor disapproved. The marketing company we hired to promote the green market paid for this ad. I didn’t see it until this morning when I read the digital edition of the Town-Crier.”

Really? Has the ALA become so inept that they no longer approve or disapprove what is contained in their own ads? I don’t believe that for one minute. Someone on that board knew and someone on that board allowed it to be printed. Minto West has found their way into someone’s pocket, and it must stop here before the corruption takes over! The ALA is clearly no longer part of this community. When honest, decent board members step down, it is time to look at who is left and why. It is time for the ALA to dissolve. It is not a representation of us anymore; it is a handful of people who do what they wish. They are no “watchdog” and have no purpose.

Tanya Litz, The Acreage



  1. The ALA represents all residents not just the NO MINTO. Please consider all who pay their dues not just those who are HOSTILE! The ALA has remained neutral and observed and has reviewed all the information. The good the bad and the ugly. The ALA held a Town Hall meeting and collected a community vote. The ALA now feels it can move forward with the information it has. Very sad that a group can slander a group of volunteers who work tirelessly to bring back an organization that is here for all residents not just a click. Please keep an open mind and write to your board members ALA and County commissioners. Everyone’s opinion counts.

  2. The Acreage Landowners Association wanted to take a stance on the Minto West project based on the accurate feelings on the community. That is the reason they held the Town Hall meeting on 2/19 and encouraged the community to vote on the Minto West issue. Now that the ALA can take an accurate stance based on the community feedback they will. To take a stance without community feedback would have been irresponsible.
    Just because the ALA commissioned a marketing company to handle the green market does not mean they are inept. What it means is while there are plenty of people in our community that wanted a green market there were none that would actually step forward, coordinate and promote one. All of the marketing done by this company has had a positive result for our community. MS Litz said he ALA didn’t proof their own ads. The marketing company has been doing their job (creating ads) since the beginning of December and have done a good job. When you hire someone to do a job it is done with the confidence in that company does not need to be micromanaged. Why would the marketing company question for a minute if it is OK for one of the green market vendors to donate money to the community via a coupon offer.
    It is unfortunate that Ms Litz doesn’t “believe for one minute” that the board wasn’t aware of the ad contents because it is the truth. To say that “Minto West has “found their way into someone’s pocket” is preposterous and slanderous. Let’s start with facts, which Ms Litz seems to be in short supply of. The ALA is a non-profit organization not a governmental organization. MS Litz’s comment that “it most stop before the corruption takes over” is delusional. Every ALA board member has the same voting privilege as the board members so Minto West would have nothing to gain by money in someone’s pocket as there are more ALA members than board members. In order for pocket lining within the ALA to benefit Minto West they would have to line the pockets of the majority of all members not just the board members.
    I disagree with MS Litz comment “When honest, decent board members step down, it is time to look at who is left and why. In my honest opinion when board members step down it is time to realize which board members have the commitment to stand up for their community even in the face of huge issues facing our community. In other words, focus on the good. The ALA has no intention of bailing on the community by dissolving as MS Litz suggested. MS Litz is quoted as saying, “It is not a representation of us anymore, it is a handful of people who do what they wish. They are no watch dog and have no purpose”. This statement reeks of bitterness and negativity and couldn’t be further from the truth.
    If the ALA truly “did what they wish and have no purpose” they would not have taken the considerable time and resources to provide the town hall meeting so the residents could ask question, have their voice heard and place a vote. The ALA also provides various free events for the community. The only perks to the ALA board members is the satisfactions of knowing they are trying to better their community.
    MS Litz is clearly misinformed regarding what transpires within the ALA. I invite her to stop her arm chair quarterbacking, paranoia and fear mongering and get involved with the ALA and her community rather than writing uninformed, fact lacking, slanderous letters to the editor. Then perhaps she will have a clue of what the ALA and helping ones community is all about.

  3. Please if you are reading this, take the time to write ALL of the PBC Commissioners, not just Santamaria. You don’t have to write a novel, just a few lines stating that you do not support the project. They usually take a tally for/against, so please take the time TODAY to send your email. It is especially important since most of the meetings about this project happen when we are all at work, and Minto has the funding and representation to make the appearance that they are Just what we need in the Acreage/Loxahatchee.

    • Same goes if you support the project.
      Please write and have your voices heard.
      Don’t be disillusioned by the loud voices and over the top dissention you
      may see locally. Like the idea? Feel it will benefit this area? Speak out and have your voice count as well.

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