Letter: Demand Answers From Challengers

Having just received the political fliers from Sharon Lascola and Matt Kurit, I am left with the question as to why I should vote for either, displacing known elements on the Wellington Village Council.

Specifically, one major thing I was looking for from these newcomers in their communication was what they have done for the village during their residency; in the case of Sharon, 25 years. I want to know what experience they have had in leadership, leading a diverse group of individuals with very far-ranging opinions. I want to know what their skills are in conflict resolution, and specifically how they have negotiated compromise.

I hope that in the closing days of the campaign, our Wellington citizens will demand more than being fed pabulum and promise that one individual can hardly deliver, assuming you can figure out exactly what they are indeed promising. If Sharon wants to say “no” to excessive commercial development, what commercial development will she says “yes” to? Who does she include when she says she will put the “we” back in Wellington? Who is not “we” now and who will the “we” be if she is elected? She wants to make the council “more accountable” under her leadership and to stop “wasteful spending?” What wasteful spending is she talking about? Does she want to stop development of a senior center? And how much does this “wasteful spending” represent in our current budget?

Matt certainly also needs to curtail his political speak. When he says he wants to give “us” a voice on the village council, who is the “us” he refers to? And who does he think put our council members on the current and past councils? What development does he intend to stop, and how does he intend on doing so?

Let’s get some real answers from all our candidates, and let’s stop believing that those with little or no experience can lead us through resolution of very complex issues. Citizens need to demand specific platforms on which they can make informed election decisions.

Joseph Manning, Wellington



  1. No money or favors behind these words…just the truth! If Anne Gerwig loses this election, Wellington loses!

  2. Don’t let the Jacobs’ money fool us again

    They are again dunding a misleading and distorted campaign.

    Vote for Anne Gerwig and Howsrd Coates to keep the elite special interests from totally controlling this village.

    • Apparently you missed the HUGE Anne Gerwig sign that sits on Mark Bellissimo’s property. Only one way to get that sign there — have his approval.

      If that doesn’t scream foul then I don’t know what does.

  3. Two candidates failed to show up to the Wellington Candidates Forum moderated by Jim Sackett. First time Wellington candidates, Mr. Kurit and Ms. Lascola, were offered alternative dates for the forum, but did not respond so that the Wellington Candidates Forum could be rescheduled to accomodate their personal schedules.

    I do not belong to the ‘special groups’ to which Mr. Kurit and Ms. Lascola apparently speak. I get my information from the established candidate forum which in previous elections, ALL candidates attended.

    Royal Palm held their candidate forum and ALL candidates showed up to give their thoughts and opinions. This was not so in Wellington. Mr. Kurit and Ms Lascola did not show up, nor respond to alternative date for a candidate forum.

    Wellington residents do not know what we would be getting in candidates Mr. Kurit and Ms. Lascola.

    It is a shame that the mighty rich residents are funding candidates and advising them not to answer or attend candidate forums in Wellington.
    That is a very bad sign for what is ahead of the Village if these 2 candidates are elected.

    As a side note: I voted for Greene, Willhite and Margolis! Plus, I signed the Jacob inspired petition to stop the equestrian plans at S. Shore and Pierson Rd.

    I am fed up with what is happening in Wellington. It is becoming too much of a ‘political party’ oriented village. And that blame falls to Willhite and Margolis who constantly make references to their buddies in their own political party and place political appointees to the committees in Wellington.

    Hope the transparent candidates win in Wellington. Say, NO! to those who refuse to participate in the Wellington Candidate Forum.

    And someone needs to touch up the Wellington Big Blue entry sign. It’s has a huge chip on the trim.

    • Are you HIGH? There have been MULTIPLE forums at which every candidate has been present. The one you speak of was THE only one that they all were not present at.

      Clearly you’re getting bad info…

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