Letter: Golf Carts In Wellington

It’s sad to see a 13-year-old boy has been critically hurt on village property, riding on a golf cart as a passenger, and may not have medical coverage.

The Wellington Village Council, attorney and staff, including the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Wellington and Sheriff Ric Bradshaw’s office have been on notice for many years by my public outcry, which has fallen onto deaf ears, and failed to address this issue. Our safety committee has also failed to address this issue.

In fact, there has been a drafted ordinance on the council desk for four to five years which has not been addressed. Even our Equestrian Preserve Committee has their own version, which again has not been addressed. All of these governmental agencies turned a blind eye, allowing golf carts all this time. They should now be held accountable under their watch. All they had to do is enforce the law of the land. Still, to this day, golf carts are throughout Wellington.

All of this could have been avoided by listening to my plea many years ago. Does our council know better? The answer is no. Even on other village projects they fail to reason and listen to the people. Shame on them.

Bart Novack, Wellington


  1. Don’t mind golf carts if they have legal status and insurance to protect others. I was protecting other from getting hurt ,not myself. Maybe now their eye will open and ear plugs taken out. Even if scooters ,golf cart and other item are illegal or being driven recklessly by the driver with or with out a license the Village had and has a responsibility to stop them alone with the sheriff.
    HOA ‘S are no different, if someone get hurt they will sue all the homeowners.Stop your HOA board from doing this.WAKE UP HOMEOWNERS I’M looking to protect the homeowner and person who gets hurt.

  2. Mr. Novack has frequently complained about golf carts in Wellington. Many of us also witness these golf carts driven by very young children and loaded with other young children in Wellington.

    The only area of Wellington which allows golf carts on the road is in the Equestrian Preserve. Those golf carts must be driven by licensed drivers, be ‘road worthy’ and pass inspections by the Sheriff’s office.

    Permissive parents are the culprits, along with blind eye of the sheriff’s office.

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