Letter: Growth In The Acreage Brings New Jobs

I am writing because there are jobs for people who are in fear of losing their homes. I am in my mid-50s and have been without a full-time job for seven years now. My son, in his mid-20s, has been out of work for two years, and we have gone to and applied for hundreds of jobs.

Thank goodness for the McDonald’s opening on Orange Blvd. and Seminole Pratt Whitney Road in The Acreage. We both now have full-time jobs.

I know that it has a lot to do with new growth in the area, which a lot of people don’t like. I was hoping that they were going to only have large-property homes being built, and hopefully it will still happen that way. But I’m thankful that we get to keep our home. We have been here for more than 14 years and have put down roots. Thanks McDonald’s!

Freida Cid, The Acreage