Letter: Leave Some Tennis Courts At Current Location

Fact: There will be a new community and senior center virtually at its current location in Wellington. Fact: There will be a new tennis center on the Village Walk/Lyons Road site, east of State Road 7. Fact: There will be no public tennis courts for Wellington residents to use west of State Road 7.

Solution: Leave eight har-tru tennis courts at their current location, to be used for daytime recreational play. That would provide conveniently located tennis courts for all Wellington residents, wherever they may live. In addition, this solution would allow the Village of Wellington to continue to provide a summer tennis and swim camp for children, and tennis courts that dozens of kids can ride their bikes to after school.

I have respectfully submitted this suggestion to the Wellington mayor and council members, and perhaps some other people will make a similar request.

Judith Rosner, Wellington


  1. Nice suggestion Judith but the real majority of (us) tennis players want our new center. Respectfully, we do not want to hear anymore noise about the old… “in with the new and out with the old”.

    Thank you Council for listening to the majority not some fringe minority.

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