Letter: Continued Dysfunction In Wellington

Is there no end to the dysfunction? It seems to me that the Wellington Village Council insists on embarrassing itself. They have done it again. They just can’t get along, and insist on playing small ball; or let’s call it what it is: kindergarten ball.

Why in the world would this council choose to ignore tradition and choose a vice mayor who has been on the council for only two years, when the logical candidate, Councilwoman Anne Gerwig, was next in line?

There is only one answer: they want to embarrass her. But they only embarrassed themselves.

Not only did they embarrass themselves, they embarrassed Wellington by putting forward the least-qualified candidate on the council.

Wasn’t it just a few months ago that the Village of Wellington spent thousands of dollars to hire an expert to find out what was wrong with our council and why they couldn’t get along?

It is as simple as the council is. They don’t want to. They do not respect each other, and three of the members do not respect the village manager.

While the earth turns, one thing I am sure of is that not one of the gang of three will be re-elected, no matter who they run against; and if Councilman Matt Willhite has aspirations for public office, he better move far away from Wellington, where no one knows him and the planes don’t bother him. Not even Jeremy Jacobs and all his money can save them next time.

Morley Alperstein, Wellington


  1. Mr. Alperstein’s letter is absolutely correct. But what is interesting is that while a small group of extremely wealthy people sought to divide us, what has happened as shown in the last election is that it has now united us.

    Willhite, Margolis and Greene will NEVER have victories in Wellington again and for Willhite the spillover will follow him wherever he runs.

    It is shameful what they have been doing these two years since we were duped into electing them.

  2. What “Tradition” are you talking about? Margolis and Wilhite did what was right for Wellington. I would have been embarrassed if Gerwig was selected our Vice Mayor.
    Next move on. Wellington is on the right track.

  3. Why isn’t there any news article (see archived meeting of 4-10-14 Senior Advisory Committee, second item on the agenda) on the push for low income housing on KPark land in Wellington? There could be 4 to 6 buildings, 2 to 3 stories high for 250 people. What are the concerns of the residents of nearby Castellina and Oakmont Estates homeowners? Why aren’t they being notified of this possibility? Yet more disenfranchised groups in Wellington!

    The push is to get a “not for profit” to build this housing Project. That “not for profit”, no doubt, would be the Federal Government’s HUD program.

    Wellington would NOT be able to control who lives in this housing.
    It is guaranteed that Section 8 Housing would be involved.

    There is no guarantee that ONLY Wellington residents would live in these buildings.

    There is no guarantee that people outside of Wellington would be prohibitied from applying and being accepted to live in these buildings.

    There is no guarantee that long time Wellington residents would get preferential placement in this housing.

    As for ‘age restrictions’, how many times has one read of grandparents who take in their grandchildren to live in these developments?

    Perhaps, better sites for this ‘not for profit’ Housing Project would be the land, Commissioner Jess Santamaria. has lobbyied using for low income housing near Cheddars Restaurant. Or to build this type of housing in the multifamily areas-White Pine, Goldenrod, Periwinkle, Staghorn in Wellington. Or better yet, work with Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee Groves and other cities and towns to find another piece of land for this Low Income Project.

    Wellington will be going down the wrong path with having 4-6, 2-3 storied LOW INCOME HOUSING PROJECT for 250 people. Fire Rescue costs would also increase.

    How many times have things been built for the equestrians-and nonequestrians take up residence-think Equestrian Club Estates? How many times have things been built in the Aero Club and non airplane owners take up residence? And not only golfers live in golf communities.

    Palm Beach County has low income housing. The Wellington Council does not need to turn over any Village owned land, nor approve low income housing project in Wellington.

  4. Morley, I admire the fact that you supported them and now understand exactly what their opponents have been saying all along. These three people are not fit to hold public office. It’s not personal it’s factual. Your letter nailed it.

  5. Thank you, Morley Alperstein, for this letter.

    It was at the behest of Mayor Robert Margolis, that a consultant was paid thousands of Wellington taxpayer dollars, to work with the Village Council to help them get along.

    It is time for Mayor Bob Margolis and Councilmen Matt Willhite and John Greene to pay their share of this cost for their failure to learn from this costly venture. It is atrocious that the Mayor, who instigated this council counseling session failed to take the correct stand in the matter of electing a Vice Mayor for Wellington. He was a contributing factor in the vote.

    There are 3 very vindictive council members on the dais. Heaven help, Wellington in the next 2 years. What ugly ‘men’.

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