Letter: Missing Pennies In Corruption County

One penny, two penny, three penny, “four,”
The number of county commissioners to shove out the door.

They vote as a block and no one knows why.
Are they the best county commissioners that money can buy?

Trins through our bedrooms, stadiums replace our green parks.
Ten lanes by our front door, it’s becoming quite dark.

At $1 billion, waste-to-energy is not free.
But there’s a bigger price for you and for me.

On our children and their future, our commissioners have borrowed.
Through mountains of garbage these four commissioners will wallow.

Our trash is not enough for them. They’re shipping in more.
We are all under siege, this is their act of war.

As Georgia’s “big-pharma” ashes blow softly in the sea breeze,
We will watch them fall slowly over stately palm trees.

We’re told it’s not toxic, just go ahead and breathe,
As they genuflect to big developers on bended knee.

Two kings and two queens are wearing no clothes.
It’s easy to smell now, it’s right under your nose.

Words like health, safety and welfare sounding ever so shallow.
Many manila envelopes will most certainly follow.

Five penny, six penny, how much do they need,
To finally satisfy their insatiable greed?

Anne Kuhl, The Acreage