Letter: Reading Between The Lines

I hope that y’all got and read (between the lines) the latest mailer from Minto West. What struck me the most is what was not mentioned — traffic, noise, crime etc.

Regarding the mention of water, there was no mention as to how upscale housing developments with HOAs will keep the excess fertilizers and pesticides that are rampant in such developments in order to have the anal-retentive, perfectly manicured lawns with no blade longer than 2.575 inches long. There has recently been macroalgal blooms in the canals of Royal Palm Beach, as reported in the Town-Crier.

Did they mention centralized sewer systems and municipal water? If it comes by your property, guess what? It’s not too long before forced hookups. Gotta pay for all that infrastructure!

It baffles me why this is even debated; they bought with the right to build 2,996 units. That is their only right. Even that, with the commercial, is too intense for why the vast majority of us moved out here — to escape the Mintos and their ilk.

So let’s all say yes to Minto East — that’s right, east.

Bill Louda, Loxahatchee Groves


  1. Don:

    There are laws in place that DO tell us what we can and cannot do on our property. I can’t subdivide my property and put in 6500 homes, 1.4 million sq. ft. of commercial/industrial, a hotel, spring baseball training field, university, and a “swinging hot spot” (Joni Mitchell reference from “Big Yellow Taxi”). Those same laws apply to Minto only Minto is now seeking to amend those laws so they build from 2996 homes to 6500 homes and 235,000 sq. ft of commercial/retail to 1.4 million sq. ft. of commercial/industrial. We, who are opposed to the proposed project, are hoping the BCC will not approve those amendments and will hold Minto to that for which they are legally approved.

  2. Minto only cares about making more money for Minto. No matter what the consequences are for the established rural communities that it is invading.

    I agree that a better option for 5600 homes and the planned businesses would be east. I would even be willing to suggest west…if it was further west than Loxahatchee and it impacted Southern Boulevard, and not so many rural or semi-rural roads.

    • I really enjoy all the armchair entrepreneurs that have it figured out how
      to spend everyone else’s money.

      Dawn, please feel free to purchase the property from Minto and then do whatever your fancy may be.

      I really don’t think you would appreciate others telling you what you can or cannot do on your own PAID FOR piece of property.

  3. By the way, Bill, it’s debated because this is the USA, where businesses and individual alike, have that right, unlike in some other corners of the globe
    where the state just tells you what you can and cannot do.

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