Letter: Wellington’s Dysfunctional Leadership

The Wellington Village Council continues to demonstrate just how dysfunctional they can be under Mayor Bob Margolis’ dysfunctional leadership. Despite paying over $10,000 for a professional evaluation, Mayor Margolis’ very first official action after the recent election was to slap Councilwoman Anne Gerwig hard in the face. Gerwig was re-elected with more than 63 percent of the vote, the highest voter approval of any sitting council member, and with the most seniority. Gerwig earned the position of vice mayor.

But instead of treating other council members with respect and courtesy, Margolis seconded Matt Willhite’s motion to make Councilman John Greene the vice mayor. Not only is Greene the least senior member, he is also the councilman who doesn’t even understand his own motions. Last year, after making the motion to give the Van Dell group exclusive rights to K-Park for nine months, the council debates exclusive, Greene then votes to make it exclusive, the motion to make it exclusive passes, and then Greene asks the village manager when they could hear from the other groups! Margolis had to explain from the dais to Greene what “exclusive” meant.

Mayor Margolis’ action was an insult to the voters in Wellington who just re-elected Gerwig, an insult to Anne and an insult to women in office. Even though Gerwig earned the vice mayor position, Margolis passed her up for Greene. Apparently, Margolis thinks a junior councilman who doesn’t understand what he votes on is a better choice than a senior member woman who wins with 63 percent of the vote.

here’s an old saying: “the fish rots from the head down.” Margolis is the head of the council. He had every opportunity in the world to move the council down a healing path by making Gerwig the vice mayor. Instead, he chose to side with Willhite and Greene, putting his personal alliances ahead of the voters. If Margolis wonders where the angst among the council and the public comes from, I suggest he look in the mirror.

Victor Connor, Homeland


  1. You seem to think you can run everything so much better, so I say let’s get Victor Connor elected in 2016! Er, um, do you still live in Lake Worth?

  2. Your not involved in Lake Worth so why do you continue to be in involved in our Wellington business? Stay on your side of the tracks and mind your own business.

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