Red Barn Feed & Supply To Host 2014 Purina Chick Days April 11-19

Thinking of raising chickens in your backyard? Already have chickens and want to ensure you are getting the best eggs for your family? Whether you are a backyard farmer or have hundreds of chickens, visit Red Barn Feed & Supply at 12948 Okeechobee Blvd. in Loxahatchee Groves for Purina Chick Days and learn all about what’s best for your chicken.

Starting April 11, Red Barn will celebrate each day with a chick special. There will be a chicken mascot for entertainment and baby chicks and baby ducks for sale all week, until the big finale on Saturday, April 19, when Red Barn will raffle off a chicken coop. Stop by the store beginning April 11 and enter for your chance to win. The Palm Beach County Poultry Fanciers will also be on site April 19 with a variety of chickens.

“Farm families have known the joys of raising their own poultry for years, but people everywhere are beginning to realize the many benefits of raising poultry, even if it’s right in their backyards,” Red Barn’s Cindy Strang said. “We are excited to help families get started with their own flocks, so they too can participate in the chicken-raising trend.”

Throughout the duration of Purina Chick Days, Red Barn will have experts available to offer advice and guidance on how to raise chickens from freshly hatched chicks through laying, including details on proper nutrition to provide the best eggs. Chicken-raising experts can learn new tips, and beginners will learn the basics of starting their flocks.

“Last year’s PurinaChick Days activities were such a success,” Strang said. “We’re excited to help more people learn to raise their own poultry. We can’t wait to give away our Red Barn Feed & Supply chicken coop.”

Red Barn will be providing special savings on Purina Certified Natural Start & Grow or Flock Raiser feed from Purina throughout Chick Days.

“Besides knowing your eggs are fresh, raising chickens is a fun activity for the whole family,” Strang said. “For adults there’s a sense of pride and self-sufficiency in raising your own food, and kids have fun while learning responsibility and contributing to the household by caring for the flock.”