Rotary Donates To Kids Cancer Center

Many members of the Wellington Rotary Club attended a tour of the Kids Cancer Center in Royal Palm Beach on Monday, March 31.

Executive Director Michele O’Boyle gave the members a tour and explained what the center does for children who are diagnosed with cancer.

The center works in conjunction with Palms West Hospital to let the child’s family understand about the journey they are about to embark on. This includes treatment information, insurance assistance and other services to make the situation easier to understand. It also serves as a recreation center for the children and their siblings as they deal with the diagnosis.

The center has just set up a Nutrition Kitchen to help the children understand how to eat healthy and give them the opportunity to prepare healthy meals and snacks. The club donated three fruit and vegetable juicers, a convection oven and other items to help the staff and children more effectively prepare healthy food and snacks, which will help with their treatments.

The club also presented the center with a “Four Way Test Plaque,” which embodies the principles that Rotarians follow on a daily basis.

The kids at the center also presented the Rotarians with a certificate of thanks for the gifts they received. A commemorative plaque stating that the Nutrition Center was donated by the Rotary Club of Wellington will be presented at a later date.

ABOVE: Rotary President-Elect Tom Neumann, Kids Cancer Center Executive Director Michelle O’Boyle, Rotary President Larry Kemp and Sandy Erb of the Kids Cancer Center.