Letter: Minto Had This All Planned Out

Do you think Minto expects to get approval for 6,500 homes and 1.4 million square feet of commercial, really? They already had it planned out (most likely with some key supporters on the Palm Beach County Commission) for what they will actually get approved for before they even purchased the property!

They will “begrudgingly” get backed down to somewhere around 5,000 homes and about 700,000 square feet of commercial. This is still way over what the land has been approved for. Our commissioners will make it look like they did us a favor not approving their original request, and we should be grateful to them for it, too!

I wish we could push back and request Minto truly blend in with 5-acre sites on top of Loxahatchee Groves, then moving out to 2.5 and 1.5 acres as they move up and out toward The Acreage, along with some scaled back commercial along Seminole Pratt. That would be a true friendly neighbor who blends in with the surrounding communities, and not shove a whole traffic-jammed small city down our throats! Or at least follow the previously approved plan for the property.

We will soon see who Minto’s friends are by paying attention to the comments and votes of our commissioners. Then we need to “vote” accordingly!

Robert Austin, Loxahatchee Groves


  1. Eliza is right.
    They have every legal right to ask for a density increase and
    whether you like it or not, that is the law.

    A number is a number, it is not set in stone for all eternity just
    because you don’t like it.

  2. Another armchair entrepreneur who thinks they know best
    on how others should spend their money, or develop their
    legally owned property.

    God forbid, someone tell them what to
    do on their piece of land.

    • Again, Eliza, no one is saying Minto can’t develop their land, however they bought land zoned at a certain density. What don’t you understand about that?

    • They can build,they can build exactly the amount they new they were approved to build when they purchased the property as they were fully aware of the restrictions.

      • Or they can Legally, I don’t understand why some don’t quite understand that term, ask for a density increase.

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