Letter: No To Minto, Yes To Pinto

I have been a Wellington resident for the past 20 years, during which time I have seen first-hand the devastating impact that over-development has had on Wellington and all the western communities. We, the residents, have had more than our fair share of over-development, and the time has come for us to stand together and say no to Minto. Enough is enough, and we have had enough.

Minto’s misguided madness should be rejected in its entirety. People power must prevent this proposed development from happening. Our schools are already overcrowded, streets overloaded, and traffic and accidents and fatalities will increase with the significant increase in traffic. (Talk about a traffic nightmare!) And not forgetting noise and increase in crime: “Just say no to Minto.”

We should all know by now that Commissioner Jess Santamaria, “the developer’s worst nightmare,” sadly will be leaving office soon due to term limits. His departure will no doubt delight the developers and special interests who are already funding two weak candidates in the race. While [Michelle] Damone and [Martha] Webster quickly decided not to run, Melissa McKinlay and Kathy Foster decided to stay in the race.

Say yes to Fred Pinto. He is the perfect replacement for Jess Santamaria because, like Santamaria, Fred Pinto’s vote will not be for sale. He is a man of impeccable integrity and is not afraid to stand up to the developers and special interests, while giving his full support to the Office of the Inspector General. We need continuity, which is what Fred Pinto would bring to the table. So I urge you all to say, “No to Minto and yes to Fred Pinto.” Every citizen has a democratic right to participate in our election process, and whilst I respect and welcome your participation, running for office with no realistic chance of winning is not the sensible thing to do.

Why not apply for a position as a commissioner’s aid and learn the trade? Or even become a volunteer? There is only one qualified, stand-out candidate for this District 6 election, and that candidate is Fred Pinto. So why would we vote for anyone else?

Melissa McKinlay’s residency status was questioned, but what frightens me is the source of her contributions. Shortly after announcing her candidacy, she received and was compelled to return $1,000 to Marcia Radosevich. Even if you are not guilty by association, Melissa, it bothers me deeply to see the people who want to see you elected. I say no to McKinlay.

Now to Kathy Foster. Your campaign literature stated that we need a county commissioner who knows our community, its history and is “vested here.” I find that statement downright insulting to our current county commissioner, Santamaria, and his soon-to-be successor, Fred Pinto. Your insidious innuendo has not gone unnoticed. You can fool some of the voters sometimes, but you cannot fool all of the voters all the time.

At the end of the day, it’s not your massive campaign fund or endorsements that will decide the outcome of this election, but the number of informed voters who show up at the polls Aug. 26 and vote for the best candidate, Fred Pinto. His years of dedicated service to our western communities should be applauded.

When elected commissioner, Fred Pinto will hit the ground running. He has had his hands-on training and is well schooled. What more could we ask for?

Alma Sato, Wellington



  1. Seriously? You think throwing around accusations, unfounded, make for a good statement for your candidate?

    If Mr Pinto is a smart man, he will distance himself far from the likes
    of those like you.

  2. The Western Communities are at the mercy of the rest of the county.

    The only answer is to secede from Palm Beach County and form OUR OWN COUNTY. There are people who have discussed this idea of forming another county out West.

    It is only then, that western county residents will have a voice in development and control over the western section of the county, because people, the only way development can go, is out West. Southern Blvd will become another SR 7 with commercial and Housing development from end to end.

    The western community is so disjointed, not unified, not organized. They can’t get along. They constantly bicker with each other and that provides a wedge for the rest of the county to do what they want to us.

    Maybe Jess Santamaria can supply the leadership, know how, to support forming another county. Perhaps, he can host a forum on this matter. It won’t be easy, but it should be done. Just think, how much better it would be to have more control over your destiny. It may be expensive, but it would be worth it.

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