Letter: Bad Move For Wellington Seniors

Here we go again, folks! First the Wellington seniors lost the use of the community pool due to the new design. Next, the village decided to use ground-up old asphalt on the once-beautiful grass bridle trails.

Now, they wish to place about 350 senior citizens of the Wellington Seniors Club on the second floor of the proposed new Wellington Community Center. Exactly how are 350 older people going to egress in case of a fire on a few elevators, especially when the electricity fails?

Peter J. Granata, Wellington


  1. Do Seniors ever stop complaining? They never seem to be happy. Be glad that an entire section of the Community Center will be devoted to Seniors. And Seniors are demanding just too much from the Village.

    Now, they want to bring low income Section 8 Housing to Wellington, too.

    The Senior Chairperson and committee want a “Non Profit” to build this Low Income Housing in Wellington. That is just ‘politically correct’ language for the Federal Government.

    We have enough Section 8 Housing in Wellington, let alone placing Low Income Housing on the prime KPark property.

    And there is absolutely no guarantee that all Wellington Low Income seniors will be selected for residency. All Low Income Seniors in the whole of Palm Beach County will be eligible, as well as, those outside the county.

    The front of Kpark should be commercial and controlled (NO gas station) by Wellington. The rest of the site should be considered for a vast park.

    Look at Southern Blvd and see the building that will be eventually taking place. It will be a concrete jungle all the way west with development. (There is nowhere else to develop in PBC, other than west!) Wellington needs more parks for all. Land is becoming scarce in Wellington and we should green up Wellington. Parks, parks, parks, not just playing fields.

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