Letter: Gerwig Responds To Unger Letter

In response to George Unger’s letter that you printed last week:

The Equestrian Preserve Committee should represent all aspects of the equestrian community. When it was time for me to appoint a new advisory board member, I felt it was important to include someone from the polo community, which was not represented at that time. I chose to appoint a member with extensive knowledge and participation in this sport.

While polo players spend part of the year playing elsewhere and, therefore, would be unable to attend all of the meetings, they should still be represented. These committee members are important in our community, and [Councilman Matt] Willhite’s treatment was improper given the circumstances. What’s even more questionable is Mr. Willhite’s constant need to interject himself into situations not of his concern.

With regard to the Eastwood residents and their concern about vegetation in their canal banks, I did meet with residents at their home to discuss the trees that are in the right-of-way. I have no idea why Mr. Unger assumes that I told them that they could keep their trees. He is once again, incorrect.

I explained the process and the need for maintenance. I told them the same thing that I stated at the public meeting. If there is no reason to remove them, then I don’t see why we should inconvenience them. If the trees are a real problem to our drainage structures or blocking access, then they may have to be removed.

Mr. Unger might need a little more education on the issue. They are not swales or any part of the swale maintenance program. These are trees that sit on the banks of a drainage canal, located within our public property. The homeowners maintain that property and have general use of the area. Much like the property in front of your home, that may actually be a swale. Mr. Unger is free to contact the homeowners and ask them what I said to them, but he is not free to assume what that conversation was and make up his own story.

I suggest to the reader that Mr. Unger is the one interjecting politics into a situation that is not the least bit political, but quite easily understood.

Councilwoman Anne Gerwig, Wellington