Letter: Reasons For Denying Mural Were Spurious

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the article “RPB Council Rejects Variance To Allow Restaurant’s Mural” published last week.

I find it remarkable that “His Honor” finds Los Agaves’ application for a variance guilty of a “direct violation” but showed considerable constraint in the Madison Green tree removal.

I challenge the council’s observation that the restaurant’s mural display of a Mexican village would not allow a deputy to “discover” a robbery in progress. I find this to be a questionable argument, when you consider the many restaurants throughout Royal Palm Beach and Wellington wherein the major part of the restaurants are hidden from view and you only become aware of the people inside after you actually enter the restaurant. Specifically, how would you tell from the outside if say, a restaurant near the Royal Inn was being held up? Or a restaurant near the theater on Wellington Trace was being held up? The answer is, you couldn’t! And that’s because the entrances and windows are most often covered with signs and restaurant names that make it difficult to actually see inside until you enter them.

I find such arguments not well thought out at the least, and spurious at best. At a time when we are trying to encourage quality businesses to locate in Royal Palm Beach and become successful, I think it’s unreasonable to use as an argument that a mural would prevent a deputy “who was just passing by” to discover a felony being committed and for this mural being the problem that prevented a “deputy just passing by” to prevent the commission and prevention of a crime!

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach


  1. Why the outrage. The Mayor is just there for his retirement benefits as he has told everyone. He was a do-nothing councilman and now a do-nothing mayor – but that is what is wanted in a mayor. The next mayor will be the member who proves he will do as he is told.

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