Letter: Support For Michelle Santamaria

The announcement that Michelle Santamaria has become a candidate for the Palm Beach County Commission bodes well for the residents of Palm Beach County. Michelle is seeking the seat of her father, Jess Santamaria, soon to be vacated because of term limits.

Hopefully, “like a breath of fresh air,” Michelle will continue in her father’s footsteps in continuing to remove the stigma of “Corruption County” and not only restore civility, but some sense that the residents of Palm Beach County will have representation and not just the special interests.

Michelle, a lawyer and well-qualified candidate, is a strong advocate of resident’s rights, will be a welcome addition in an otherwise “packed court” among members of the commission who at best seem somewhat confused as to whom they were elected to represent, and at the least, only weakly responsive to matters like an independent inspector general.

The residents of Palm Beach County could find no better representative than Michelle Santamaria, and I trust the residents will see the wisdom in electing someone not connected to the “good old boys network” that has had far too much to say on our county commission.

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach


  1. The #1 concern is that Santamaria may not be able to build consensus on the county commission, in regard to matters in the western communities; much like her father also failed to do.

  2. Michelle was an embarrassment at the recent candidates forum. She knew nothing of the issues and spoke in generalities and platitudes.

    She is not qualified to be commissioner.

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