Letter: Where Is The Common Sense?

So, you have an employee who misses 11 out of 22 days at work without a good excuse, what to do?

OK, it’s not an employee, it’s an advisor who misses one half of your meetings.

Alright, it’s not an employee, but rather a Wellington advisory committee member whose is absent, but you get the idea.

Well, these things happen, but would you then argue that it was “your appointment” and not another council member’s business? Wouldn’t everyone be better served by something less than an empty chair; someone who might contribute by their mere presence?

Such was/is the dilemma of Wellington Councilwoman Anne Gerwig.

But it doesn’t end there, as recently there was a kerfuffle over vegetation planted by homeowners on canal banks in Eastwood. Gerwig went to the site and spoke with homeowners, but instead of explaining that the swale was necessary to be cleared for canal maintenance to prevent costly flooding to around 1,000 homes in that canal area, she instead attempted to succor favor by not decisively explaining the importance of a clear village easement, whose sole purpose was to prevent tremendous flood damage and loss due to backing up canals from these plants/trees, if they were to end up in the canals. Also, that the village could be liable for any damages by not maintaining the canal system/canal banks.

Some things appear to be no-brainers. Fighting to keep an absentee appointee on a committee and then offering inappropriate advice to 41 homeowners out of 1,000 homes that might adversely be affected, hardly seems to be common sense, but more like politics than good governance.

George Unger, Wellington


  1. We all know that if vegetation was being cut in the equestrian area, the three amigos would be demanding changes.

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