Marshall Foundation Picks Students For Summer Intern Program

This summer, some college interns will choose to be in an air-conditioned office working on computers. Others will be slogging through the muck of the Everglades and learning about Florida ecological projects to become more knowledgeable about this unique ecosystem.

The competition was fierce for the six internship positions available in the Summer Intern Program at the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation for the Everglades. Applications were received nationwide, including international students studying in the United States.

The foundation’s 11-week Summer Intern Program invites qualified college undergraduate and graduate students to learn all aspects of the Everglades ecosystem and the restoration efforts underway. Students selected have a 3.5+ grade point average, with a focus of study in science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses (STEM,) plus the intent to pursue a career in environmental sciences and related fields.

The full-time internship, which pays a stipend, involves a study of the entire Everglades watershed from the Kissimmee River valley to the Florida Bay during the hottest and rainiest time of year. It is a career-enhancing internship clearly for the dedicated. Through guided field experiences and mentoring sessions, the interns have the opportunity to learn about the Everglades, network with prominent leaders in Everglades restoration and contribute to research impacting the Everglades.

This year’s summer intern scholars are: Paul Boynton, Colby-Sawyer College, environmental science; Jessica Huffman, Florida Atlantic University, biological science; Janna Kepley, Florida Atlantic University, biology education and environmental science; Cheng-Tung Liu, University of Florida, environmental engineering; Morgan Mooney, University of Miami, ecosystem science and policy and geological sciences; and Nigel Woodfork, University of Florida, agricultural and biological engineering.

The 2014 interns will develop suggestions on current sea level rise policies for the United States Coast Guard. Along with producing a white paper, the interns will present their findings at the Marshall Foundation’s Second Annual Sea Level Rise Symposium hosted by the Marshall Foundation in partnership with the Oxbridge Academy and League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County on July 25 at the Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach.

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ABOVE: The Arthur R. Marshall Foundation’s six college and graduate interns: Nigel Woodfork, Morgan Mooney, Cheng-Tung Liu, Jessica Huffman, Paul Boynton and Janna Kepley.