Letter: Shock & Awe In District 6

It has been eight years now that Jess Santamaria has represented our area as commissioner and his term is now up. There are several candidates who have come into the race, and for some time I have been receiving regular updates from one of the candidates, Melissa McKinlay.

I have had message after message from her of all the politicians, past and present, who are endorsing her. This has made me begin to wonder if she has any background to serve, because it is definitely all about who is supporting her, not who she is or what she knows.

Well the final blow came this week when I received her most recent endorsement from none other than the mayor of West Palm Beach, Jeri Muoio. I took a look back and saw that Ms. McKinlay is also endorsed by three other West Palm Beach city commissioners: Keith James, Sylvia Moffett and Shanon Materio.

My response is shock! Here in Royal Palm Beach, we all know that the City of West Palm Beach has done everything in its power to stop desperately needed roads in our area. They have petitioned, lobbied, sued, you name it; there has been no end to the time and money that they have spent to stop State Road 7, Roebuck Road, Seminole Pratt Whitney Road¸ and anything else that will help benefit our communities and reduce our traffic burdens.

I am awed! Is Melissa so clueless as not to be aware of the history of these road agreements and the actions by Mayor Muoio and her commission to stop them? What else does she not know? Is this where she is going to get advice when deciding for us?

It is very clear to me that this girl is out of touch with the western communities and hiding behind the wrong big names. Please don’t bother to name-drop any longer. Her opponent, Kathy Foster, is a long-time resident of the western communities who stands on her own record. This is what we need for our District 6 Palm Beach County Commissioner.

Marcia Berwick, Royal Palm Beach


  1. Thanks for the letter. It is refreshing to read that there are readers who really see the big picture. It is as if a group of people – unions and elected officials – with their own agenda found someone and decided to package her up and make a candidate out of her. District 6 is very capable of supporting their own experienced Commissioner. Come on folks, Kathy Foster has a track record. Who is this girl anyway?

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