Carla Donaldson Out Of School Board Race

Candidate Carla Donaldson announced this week that she is withdrawing from the race for Palm Beach County School Board in District 6 due to health concerns.

That will leave incumbent Marcia Andrews and challenger Joe Moore to face off on Tuesday, Aug. 26.

Donaldson’s name will still appear on the ballot because they have already been printed. However, notices will be posted at polling places that votes cast for Donaldson will not count, according to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office.


  1. According to the Palm Beach Post Times’ Sonja Isger:

    “People working for (Marcia) Andrews included a copy of (Carla) Donaldson’s (2011-2012 school board) contract year in an email to The Palm Beach Post. In the contract, Donaldson indicates she has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education – a degree she did not include in her resume to The Palm Beach Post, and one that Andrews’ people alleged she did not actually earn.”

    Hmm, Marcia Andrews apparently still has her contacts in the School Board Personnel Office in which she once was the top administrator . Were “Andrews People” nosing around for her? Gee, it’s almost like the IRS passing information along to candidates that could be exploited by others.

    Marcia Andrews did not end her career in that Personnel Office. She was demoted to a principalship, which she fought long and hard to resist to no avail.

    How come no one ever queries Ms. Andrews to her past amd as to why she was demoted? Or is that just better left in the past or ignored?

    Could it be that a survey of ALL principals (her peers) gave Andrews’ administration of the Personnel Department failing grades, not just 1 year, but many years? And does anyone ask about what the financial status Polo Park Middle School was after Andrews’ departure?

    It’s okay to dig others’ past, but not Marcia Andrews?

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