Letter: McKinlay Endorsement Questions

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to a letter from Pam Flanagan published last week.

I write to assure Pam Flanagan that I am a registered voter in District 6 with every intention of voting Aug. 26 and Nov. 4 for Kathy Foster. Ms. Flanagan did a lot of regrettable name calling. As a voter, I stick to the facts, and I am going to give some more facts to back my position.

First, for those who do not receive the regular e-mail alerts from the McKinlay campaign, you need to know that on Sunday, July 27, Mayor Jeri Muoio of West Palm Beach hosted a fundraiser for Melissa McKinlay at the Ibis Golf & Country Club. Ms. Flanagan said that she questioned McKinlay on her position on State Road 7 and was “satisfied” with the answer, but she did not tell us what that position was. I would have to believe that those guests writing checks to McKinlay did so expecting her to stop the extension of SR 7 past their development, as well as stop the Seminole Pratt Whitney Road extension and deep-six the Roebuck Road extension.

Now as for endorsements, endorsements mean you agree or share the same goals and positions. It is, therefore, reasonable to assume that our local elected officials who are supporting McKinlay approve and support her SR 7 position, as well as her Tallahassee approach to local governing. The record shows that several local elected officials from Royal Palm Beach, Wellington and the Indian Trail Improvement District have endorsed her with their name or contributions. This leads me to believe that these same local officials endorsing Melissa McKinlay will sell us out on these needed roads.

What clearly seems to be the case is that the residents of District 6 cannot be the winners in this conspiracy to package up a novice and sell her to the voters as the fresh new face of District 6.

Jen Weiler, Royal Palm Beach


  1. When one has Ibis residents’ money and endorsements, plus the Mayor of WPB, one can bet that Ms Melissa McKinlay is going to screw the western county residents.

    Take note, Melissa McKinlay does NOT come out and INSIST that she is for DIRECTLY extending SR7 to Northlake Blvd.


    If you want the City of WPB to influence what happens to the Western Communities go ahead and vote for her.

    McKinlay advances herself, not the western communities.

  2. en·dorse·ment



    plural noun: endorsements

    1. an act of giving one’s public approval or support to someone or something.


    support, backing, approval, seal of approval, agreement, recommendation, championship, patronage, affirmation, sanction; More

    That is what “endorsement” means.

    GO OUT AND MEET THE CANDIDATES FOLKS! Stop relying on the tirades of uninformed people with lots of time on their hands.

  3. By checking the supervisor of elections & the McKinlay website you can confirm that these local elected officials who CLAIM to support roads are not, they are supporting McKinlay and WPB: Wellington is Mayor Margolis, Councilman Willhite & Green, ITID Supervisor Damon & Bair and former Supervisor Erickson, RPB is Councilman Swift & Valuntas, Lox Groves Councilman Jarriel. Maybe you should think about where their loyalties lie the next time you vote.

  4. did Santamaria write this script? Sounds like the same guilt by association mentality and paranoia Jess Santamaris is famous for.

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