Letter: Nan Rich? No Way

I got a post card in the mail the other day that said all sorts of bad things about Nan Rich, who is running against Charlie Crist and Rick Scott for governor of Florida. At first I thought it was just the typical negative political advertising that is all too common these days. However, upon closer examination, it was sent by Rich’s own campaign.

On the post card, Rich was bragging about how she intends to clamp down on gun owners if elected governor. As a native-born Floridian, I can’t imagine the terrors of living in a society where only criminals are allowed to have guns. While neither Crist nor Scott are native Floridians, Rich is the only one born in New York City and seems to be trying to force that sort of anti-gun/pro-criminal mentality on the rest of us.

Perhaps Rich would prefer living in Mexico, where they have strict gun control laws and only the criminals and drug gangs are allowed to possess firearms. Given that we have a Second Amendment right to possess guns, Nan Rich’s own advertising shows she has no respect for the U.S. Constitution. Today, she wants to ignore our Second Amendment rights, tomorrow it will be the First Amendment (free speech and religion) to prevent people from complaining about it, then maybe later the Fourth Amendment (search warrants) to find all those nasty guns in people’s cars and houses and the Fifth Amendment (self-incrimination) to force them to admit it, and of course, she’ll want to abolish the Eighth Amendment (no excessive punishments) to make sure all those mean old gun owners stay locked up for a long long time.

Nan Rich has served in the Florida Senate and her voting record clearly indicates that her post card was not a fabrication by her opponents. I’m glad she sent it to me, and I definitely won’t be voting for her.

Dennis Hawkins, The Acreage