Letter: Support The Inspector General

As the trial overpayment for the Office of the Inspector General has recently begun, it is important to remember the importance of ethical government. It is the bedrock of our civilization. Everything government does is based on that foundation.

In addition to being a local, independent watchdog, the inspector general provides advice and expertise to participants. The office pursues waste, fraud and abuse across 41 cities, towns and agencies, saving the taxpayers money through increased efficiency.

In a county-wide referendum, voters were 72 percent in favor of the inspector general. Miami has been successfully using a similar system for 14 years. The inspector general’s office provides tangible and intangible benefits, multiplied throughout everything the county does. At every opportunity, we need to maintain and strengthen our government’s ethical foundation.

The Board of County Commissioners and other municipalities should listen to the voters and provide their full support and endorsement.

Alan Ballweg, The Acreage