Letter: Where Have The Healers Gone?

Big Pharma has researched, developed and provided the least amount of antibiotics since the early 1900s. Pretty soon, there will be no effective antibiotics available to the public because Bg Pharma decided that it was less profitable for them to develop them. They blatantly tell the public it’s simply a bottom line issue. They spend billions running ads in every media pushing dangerous, mood-altering drugs, the blue pill and other popular and profitable vanity drugs/devices. Their policy is pushing drugs rather than focusing on the public health.

It is clear that healing with very inexpensive or even free antibiotics is not profitable… enough! Even though our taxes pay huge amounts for their research, the public health be damned! Recently, Big Pharma with its billions in profit declined to replenish the completely depleted coral snake anti-venom supply because “it is not profitable.”

Then there are doctor issues. The universal patient complaints are that doctors don’t listen and they and their staffs spend hours data-mining everything about you, your family, relatives, job, credit… everything! Then, finally, you get 5 to 10 minutes for the examination to get your malady treated. Many doctors unnecessarily prescribe or push Big Pharma products, and schedule more tests, but quite often ignore prescribing a simple antibiotic to heal a common infection. When healthy people reject any unnecessary experimental, free Big Pharma meds or tests, they are ignored or dismissed.

Like Big Pharma, doctors maintain patient dependency using a revolving door of tests and drugs. Healthy patients are an annoyance. It is just a matter of job security and the bottom line, because just like Big Pharma, actual healing is not profitable… enough! Where have all the healers gone?

Jude Smallwood, The Acreage



  1. Medicine and its healing powers including drugs, doctors, and supporting services is in the tank. It is not the role of government to determine healthcare. The costs rose because of a litigious environment and a demanding public for soothing care. Take care of yourself, pay your own bills, make your own choices and the need for health care will disappear and you will be in charge of quality health care. Demand it, you will get it and most likely at a price (down the road) less than what plans, out of pocket and deductibles cost you now.

  2. The writer shows us about the market and about government healthcare regulations. Who sets the price on drugs? and how many minutes does government shrooms pay for when you see a doctor?

    find the answers to those questions and maybe you’ll have a bit of wisdom

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