Letter: A Groves Divorce

Divorce is an unpleasant affair. One spouse is usually guilty of chasing special interests and not family issues. Often it’s about money. Sometimes it is about the neglect of the “offspring’s” needs. Family relatives take sides to defend “their own blood.”

Last month, the Groves and the Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District moved toward separation. The Loxahatchee Groves Town Council voted to reduce the funding of subsidies to the LGWCD.

Family members have already declared their loyalties.

The mayor says the town and the LGWCD can work separately and very well. If the LGWCD needs more money for drainage, the LGWCD needs to review its assessments. The two are different taxing areas, and he does not want the LGWCD subsidizing the town or the other way round.

One town councilman claims gas tax revenue should be given to the LGWCD for canal maintenance. He said the LGWCD will increase assessments if gas tax revenue is not funded to the LGWCD.

Another town councilman said the big tract farmers have a lower LGWCD assessment than residential properties, and if gas tax money is withheld, the LGWCD will increase assessments on everybody.

A third town councilman stated that with the LGWCD being dependent, the town then can discuss what the drainage expenses and the road expenses are. The town could fund them all through the methods the town has, instead by a different set of folks who are elected by a different set of folks, by a different set of voting methods. They, with another set of rules, want the town to pay the LGWCD’s way; pay the LGWCD’s bills — and that is not appropriate.

The LGWCD’s “lane mile” method of collecting town funds no longer works, so now it’s about drainage. The LGWCD is the drainage, folks. That’s what they do. That’s their job.

The “offspring” of the Groves family wish to be protected and served, by the town council having custody. They desire the wayward parent, the LGWCD, either go the LGWCD’s own way, do LGWCD’s own thing, or become dependent to town government.

The difference between divorce and separation is that with separation, the “Grove’s Cookie Monster” still has access to the cookie jar. Perhaps the town attorney can enable the Groves in taking control of all LGWCD roads and secure the jar lid once and for all.

Keith Harris, Loxahatchee Groves