Letter: Board Ignores The County’s Vocal Majority

Those of us in opposition to the proposed Minto West greatly expanded plan are not a vocal minority but, rather, we are the vocal majority with more than 5,000 signatures on petition, and Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee Groves, the Loxahatchee Groves Landowners’ Association, the Indian Trail Improvement District, the Acreage Landowners’ Association, City Watch and others filing letters and resolutions against Minto West.

As to creating an employment center, the zip codes covering the Royal Palm Beach and Loxahatchee parts of The Acreage plus Loxahatchee Groves come in well under 6 percent unemployment, while the four cities at Lake Okeechobee in Palm Beach County are 16 to 29 percent. So, where is the employment center really needed? Using Palm Beach County planning and zoning data, I found that there is already 0.3 million square feet of built commercial and 1.1 million square feet of approved but not yet built commercial/office in The Acreage and Loxahatchee Groves — we do not need any more until about the year 2200.

As to building a college on Seminole Pratt Whitney Road, Palm Beach State in Loxahatchee Groves, on a state highway, breaks ground this October.

Even the county’s planning staff appears to be working for the developer and not the people. In their report, they say that the Minto West site is surrounded by suburbia — hardly. Which “suburbs” have 1.25-acre to 100-acre sites with homes, barns, nurseries, landscaping and other home-based businesses that would represent code violations in the suburbs?

The commissioners and their staff need to work on behalf of the residents and not developers. This truly is Corruption County. Let’s get back to countywide election of all seven commissioners so a simple majority cannot ruin one or more of the other “districts.”

Minto should stay with what they bought, build their 2,996 homes and 235,000 square feet of commercial and let us get on with our lives.

The county commission just transmitted the proposal and will likely approve it as is on Oct. 29, unless they come to their collective senses. You need to help stop this madness — there is no worse place in the county to put over a million square feet of industry. I thank you for your time and consideration.

Dr. Bill Louda, Loxahatchee Groves


  1. What do the directors and members of Indian Trail Improvement District, Village of Royal Palm Beach, Acreage Landowners Association, Loxahatchee Groves, CityWatch, Riverwalk, Iron Horse, Fox Trail, the county planning commission, professionals hired by Indian Trail Improvement District, and thousands of Acreage residents all have in common? They are all able to look at data and come to an informed, logical conclusion that Minto getting anything more than the already approved 2996 homes / 235K commercial will negatively impact the infrastructure and quality of life for the residents of the Acreage and surrounding communities!

  2. You mean 5000 unverified signatures, most of which came from
    uninformed people coerced into signing.

    ohhh and I forgot, all the children that signed having ZERO idea
    of what they were signing

    stick with the exhibits that have been verified by the County
    ohhh but that would mean telling the truth….

  3. Yes Louda, it’s all a big conspiracy.
    Suggestion, stick to teaching class instead of preaching doom and gloom.
    On second thought, I hope you are not one of my child’s professors.

    Vocal majority, hahahahaha.

    Do they have any math classes that you can take at the University?

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