Letter: Minto West Doesn’t Fit In The Area

How can the Palm Beach County Commission approve the expansion request by Minto West when everything in the plan is not compatible with the surrounding area?

The “new” plan by most builders is to have a complete city in their development. However, these plans do not work, and they do not generate 3,000 jobs as Minto says they will. Just ask Abacoa how many jobs they generated.

The Minto West project is in the middle of horse country with homes of 1.25 acres or more. We have dirt roads and limited access to major highways. This is country! Horses, goats, chickens and children who can grow up in a quiet neighborhood. How can you approve a city in the middle of the country with limited roads to access the area? The Minto West property is not on a major road, it is in the middle of horse country!

Minto bought the property knowing that they were restricted to 2,997 homes and 253,000 square feet of retail space. That alone is bad enough, but to turn around as soon as they buy the land and ask for 6,500 homes, a college, a stadium, a hotel and 1.5 million square feet of commercial space is ridiculous. So, they come back with 4,500 homes (of which 800 are townhomes) and 2.1 million square feet of commercial space. This not compatible with this area.

There is a reason that the retail space is supposed to be limited. We are in the country, and the Mall at Wellington Green is right down the street. There is a reason that we don’t need a college, because a state college is being built next door on Southern Blvd., a major thoroughfare.

I know our roads will need to be expanded, but if the Minto proposal goes through, the roads will have to be doubled in size. Who in their right mind is going to stay in a hotel that is not even close to any business or attraction? Who is crazy enough to build a 150-room hotel in the country? They are not, unless you change it to a city, which is not in the master plan.

What private college is going to build a 3,000-student campus when there is a state college a few miles away? They are not. Why would anybody start a business in the middle of the country when there are so many other businesses on major roads close by? Who wants an office away from government and commerce, and have to travel several miles out into the country to get to work on roads that will be slow and congested?

Stop this madness before it gets started. Please!

LaVant Morell, The Acreage


  1. Fits like a puzzle piece. Like a well worn glove. Can’t wait until this construction begins so we as Acreage residents can reap the benefits.

    also, please get your numbers correct before sending in these opinion pieces as it just makes you look foolish when you cannot even quote the correct
    amount of sq footage requested as commercial

  2. The only fear mongering I notice if of a very small select few that want to say yes to everything minto has to offer and trying to scare people into thinking that if you don’t abide with what minto wants then we are all going to be screwed by minto. With that I say please do not let A SMALL FEW select “yes to minto” folks scare you into believing everything minto has to say. After all it would not be the first time a developer in South Florida has lied about their intentions. 😉 I think the vote last Febuary at the high school says volumes about what most of “us” want out here.

  3. Dear Residents who live in Loxahatchee and the Acreage,

    A majority of the Wellington Council (Greene, Gerwig and Coates) would not pass a Resolution supporting your efforts to reduce the units currently being requested by Minto West.

    Please know that there are a multitude of Wellington residents who do realize the impact of the Minto development on your lifestyle and the character of your communities AND the impact it will also have on the Village of Wellington.

    We are burdened with a troublesome Council. Please know that one day all of this Council will be gone, but unfortunately, not soon enough. They have wrought nothing but heartache and embarrassment for many Wellington residents with their words and actions.

    It is hoped, that in the future, we can ban together to achieve the results we want for the western communities as a whole. COWBRA is an association of many communities that Work Together and Present a unified front to those distant and arrogant County Commissioners when projects impact their COWBRA communities.

    One day the Western Communities will have type of COWBRA representation at the county level. We all know, that there are many more developers seeking to build in our western communities with the promise of parks, employment centers. Take note, that Wellington to this day, continues to struggle to find good employment centers for its residents!

    The Western Communities are not united, but are even more divided. Shame on Wellington for not supporting their good neighbors!

    And take note of the 2 candidates running for County Commissioner in District 6. It does appear that Candidate McKinlay does not have the best interest for our District in regard to the increased units Minto is asking for and the extension of SR 7 for safety reasons. If elected, just imagine what she will allow the other salivating devlopers who are ready to knock on the Western Communities’ door.

    • In discussion of the best to serve District 6 it is the only individual with the proven business record who has stayed abreast of all that is going on in this area. Andy Schaller has listened and learned and will represent the area fairly and competently.

  4. Ahhh the hotel issue…anyone with a guess why the opposition to the hotel?

    Let me state the facts. Commissioner Santamaria owns the Royal INN in Royal Palm Beach, the closest hotel to this project and Mr Santamaria being the good businesman he is would naturally be opposed to such in order to protect this, as well as several of his other business that would lose customers, ie the Old Wellington Mall for one.
    There are always two sides to every story yet the No to Everything group tries, though unsuccessfully to keep their members in the dark.

  5. Seriously, the Country? You obviously don’t get around much do you.
    This is Palm Beach County, SoFLO USA and Western Montana,
    Time to wake up and face reality, things change, and thankfully with a quality builder with a bonifide plan, for the better

  6. As you cannot even present factual accurate data in your opinion piece,citing 2.1 milllion sq ft commercial, when in fact, the true data on the project transmitted to the State of Florida shows 500,000 sq ft of commercial invalidates your entire argument.

    The days of Fear Mongering are OVER.

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