Letter: Thoughts On The District 6 County Race

Melissa McKinlay did not so much win the District 6 primary election, not so much as Kathy Foster lost it.

Foster handed it to McKinlay on a plate, by refusing to apologize to her about comments she made during an interview referring to McKinlay as a “nice girl” and “just a secretary.” Those insensitive and politically incorrect remarks alienated a lot of voters, including many women’s rights groups.

I am confident had Kathy Foster apologized to Melissa McKinlay, she would have beaten Melissa quite easily. Let this be a lesson to you, Kathy Foster: you are a well-loved, seasoned professional with a lot to offer our communities, and most of us expected you to beat the rookie Melissa, then on Nov. 4 face “the rising star of the west,” Michelle Santamaria.

You were endorsed by the Town-Crier, the Palm Beach Post and the Sun-Sentinel newspapers. Some of us were not impressed with Melissa, especially when she answered questions before the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans on the State Road 7 extension. She said she was in favor, but I for one did not buy that for one second. You don’t go from a fundraiser at Ibis sponsored by West Palm Mayor Jeri Muoio, who is passionately against SR 7 extension, then go to the original Wellington Mall and say that you are in favor of SR 7. That’s being two-faced in any language. Why do you think Muoio endorsed and held a fundraiser for you?

On Minto West, you sounded more like a representative of Minto rather than a candidate for the District 6 commission seat.

Speaking of Minto West, I would like to congratulate the residents of Royal Palm Beach, The Acreage and Loxahatchee Groves who constantly show up in droves at meetings to voice their opposition to Minto’s total disregard for our rural lifestyle and the devastating impact this development will have on our quality of life.

It is quite obvious that Minto is motivated by greed; a greed that I find insidious, but even more insidious and repulsive is the actions and votes of five commissioners who give the impression that they are representatives of the developers and special interest and not representatives of the people.

Theoretically, it is not a done deal yet, but I wouldn’t bet my house on it. Why is it that time and time again, these same five commissioners prove that their votes are for sale? Not only do I find their actions insidious and repulsive, but I quite often wonder how they sleep at night.

I also wonder how much longer the citizens of Palm Beach County will tolerate this insanity. Where is the outrage, Palm Beach County? Where is the accountability? Why aren’t these commissioners voted out of office?

Kudos to Jess Santamaria, the fearless voice of the people, for being so honest and pragmatic, as per usual, along with Commissioner Paulette Burdick. They did the right thing and voted against. Shame on the five commissioners for the repeated slap in the face that they keep giving us.

Please remember that “what you sow, you will surely reap,” and I am not just referring to checks above and under the table, plus favors. I have a suggestion for the five commissioners: “let your conscience be your guide.”

Alma Sato, Wellington