Letter: Limit Homes At Crestwood Site

Regarding the proposed use for water treatment plant property on Crestwood Blvd., the Village of Royal Palm Beach presently owns this property and the council members have agreed to sell it to another developer, despite the fact that we have thousands of new homes that have been approved to be built in this area already. The developer has requested permission to build 400 new homes on this site. However, in the interest of the local residents, the council should limit building to 300 homes.

This proposed development backs up to H.L. Johnson Elementary School. The parents of the students are already experiencing tremendous traffic/parking problems during the times they drop students off in the morning and pick them up after school. With the impact of hundreds of additional students entering the school, which is already filled to capacity, accommodations need to be made to provide a safe parking area where this can be done. I can’t imagine the traffic jam and unsafe conditions that will be incurred unless this is done.

With the addition of 400 new homes, Mr. [Ray] Liggins, the village manager, indicated that only 300 new cars will be impacting the area. From what I have noticed, most homes have at least two cars, and some have more. That would mean that 800 new cars would be accessing Crestwood Blvd. near the school to proceed to the shopping centers in the area and commute to work.

Presently, there is a “no turn” restriction during the times when parents drop off and pick up students, which prohibits residents of Huntington Woods from entering the development from Crestwood Blvd. Will there also be a “no turn” restriction at the entrance to this proposed development during those hours?

Several years ago, Palm Beach County built an entrance from State Road 7 into the La Mancha development. Council members disapproved of this because it would negatively impact that community, and the entrance was blocked. Well, what about our community?

The residents of Royal Palm Beach, especially the ones in Huntington Woods and those living along Crestwood Blvd., should get involved with their council and keep a close eye on how they vote. Are they looking out for us, or are they looking out for the developers? The impact on our roads and quality of life should be their first consideration. Get involved before it is too late! Let your voice be heard! Attend the council meetings.

Phil Steinberg, Royal Palm Beach


  1. The solution to educating more students so that the public school is not overwhelmed would be to allow more charter schools.

    have you considered the fact that if you reduce the number of homes for 25% of the homes are likely to cost that much more.perhaps there’s not a market for more expensive homes. You’ve already pointed out that there are already a large inventory of homes.

    A more Pertinent question is whether the land is being sold for full value, and whether the council will get special treatment to the developer later. One man I know you can trust is Dave Swift. he will do the right thing.

    • Why would anyone trust Mr. Swift? There is no transparency in this deal. Only one buyer has been disclosed to the public, why are not others vetted publicly? Why have so many plans come and gone? What does Mr. Swift know about building? Sounds like you just like the good old boys and want the same old good old boy handouts.

  2. You mentioned the Madrid Road connection in La Mancha but you do not have the facts of safety or the remarks given the council: (1) the PBSO said that all crime was within the area and would not be increased by the road connection (2) the Firefighters asked for the road connection to increase response times and safety into and out of the neighborhood. The road being closed increases traffic having to travel west and then south to leave the neighborhood instead of directly out to the east. You have drunk the koolaid in this situation, but hope you see the complexities of real traffic solutions now.

  3. It is more than the # of cars, it is what time of day are they traveling. With residences the cars all go out in the am and come in during the pm peak hours; this is the cause of traffic on the roads. You are correct in what you say, but multiply that for peak hours and impacting the schools on those roads during drop off times.

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