Letter: Looking For A Chamber? Try Wellington

I read with some sadness Keith Jordano’s letter last week bemoaning his feeling of loss over the many changes that have taken place at the chamber formerly known as Palms West, and I want to reach out to him and the many others who feel as he does.

As chairman of the board of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, I would like to put down our welcome mat and offer those who feel as Keith does an alternative. The Wellington Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the general welfare and prosperity of the Village of Wellington so that its residents and all areas of its business community can prosper.

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce was formed with the intent that a local chamber best serves its members when it remains focused on local business and all facets of the local community. Over 400 members strong, the Wellington Chamber of Commerce remains laser focused on Wellington and Wellington-related issues. Our board members and officers are all local business men and women who are not required to “pay to play.” Our dues remains low and our services continue to grow.

The many annual programs of the chamber reflect a rich tradition of achievement of the goals set forth in the mission statement. For many, the season starts in December with our biggest event of the year, WinterFest! More than 5,000 area residents and visitors attend each year to see local talent, as well as our own celebrity musical sensation, philanthropist and DIY Network star Vanilla Ice perform. In March of each year, in conjunction with our board installation luncheon, the chamber recognizes the business leaders in our community with the annual businesses of the year awards.

Flavors of Wellington attracts more than 1,100 area residents each spring. Flavors brings together the best of the best of Wellington-area chamber restaurant members, catering venues, wholesale and gourmet markets, as well as local country club and wine merchants, all showcasing their businesses, products, menus and exceptional service. Each year, the attendees enjoy an evening of dining and dancing, and our members get to introduce the community to their businesses.

Our committees, including the Equestrian Committee, Business and Economic Development Committee, Medical and Wellness Committee and Governmental Affairs Committee, have been on the cutting edge of new and innovative ideas in generating economic growth and change in our community. We have fought for changes in the hours businesses can operate in Wellington, helped to bring about change to the local sign ordinances, supported the concept of the medical arts district, and have voiced opposition to those things that would hinder the continued use of the Global Dressage arena. We have sponsored health and wellness expos, and continue the search to find the highest and best use for the K-Park property on State Road 7. We have also sponsored numerous candidate forums and debates as part of our continuing obligation to keep our members better informed on the issues of the day.

Recently, our chamber created two new exciting committees, including the Women of Wellington, designed specifically for our local business women to provide opportunities for “women to women” networking, and the Future Business Leaders of Wellington, which provides a forum for young and upcoming business professionals to network with each other.

So, if you are missing the hometown feel of your chamber, come to one of our luncheons or mixers, and take advantage of the opportunity to meet some new local business and community leaders who are still focused on what’s important about being a chamber member. You might find the Wellington Chamber of Commerce a perfect fit.

Alexander Domb, Wellington Chamber of Commerce