Grand Opening Of Grandma’s Place Art & Music Studio

On Tuesday, Oct. 14, Grandma’s Place held the grand opening of its new Art & Music Studio, which was a Gratitude Training Masterful Living Group #19 (ML19) project.

Grandma’s Place is a nonprofit organization that is an emergency shelter for 16 children, from the age of birth to 12, who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or abandonment.

The goal of an ML Group is to leave a lasting legacy. ML19 raised all the money to do the project, including installing wood floors, painting murals, purchasing art supplies and musical instruments, and more.

The event was underwritten by Sydell Palent, a longtime volunteer at Grandma’s Place.

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ABOVE: Sue Fink, Sydell Palent, Jackie Alvarez and Betty Lantiere.