Letter: Another Guilty Verdict

Congratulations to the Goodman trial prosecutors and the second jury reaching the correct verdict, even though some restrictions were placed upon them.

In the first trial, Mr. Goodman claimed to have stopped or slowed down at the stop sign; in the second trial, brake failure magically appeared. I would think one of these statements would be perjury. Even the bartender’s statements reduced the number of drinks, and the drug issue vanished.

Mr. Goodman did not claim to be sober, the throttle and brake failure, or injury until the lawyer appeared. The lawyers are the only winners in this tragedy.

Just think of all the good Mr. Goodman could have accomplished with his inherited fortune via a plea deal. A reduced sentence and fine could yield benefits for our citizens instead of millions of taxpayers’ money on this trial. The millions that his lawyers are collecting could have gone to something positive in this tragedy. Of course, he has chosen to try to escape responsibility and punishment. Sadly, he will likely be released on bail again to his estate. Most of us would consider such living to be a vacation.

The defense is trying to blame anything and everybody. All you have to do is go to the scene and walk the road in the time claimed and you will know it is absurd. Instead we’ll blame the car and needle?

If allowed out on appeal, the process will drag on for a long time. He belongs in jail, not on an estate and seeking credit for “time served.”

This tragic loss to Scott Wilson and his family can never be overcome. They are the victims. Surely we owe them a speedy end to this legal nonsense in the hope that they can find some measure of peace.

Peter Granata, Wellington