Check Out These Weird College Courses


This column comes with special thanks to Time Magazine — they did the research.

Have you heard about these weird college courses? Assuredly these are some of the reasons why some scholars of higher education are increasingly under scrutiny and often verbal attack.

For example, Santa Clare University has a class that explores the science of decomposition… yes, the eco-consequences of trash and more. Field trips include landfills and sewage treatment plants. Then, Columbia College in Chicago features “Zombies in Popular Media.” It uses zombie movies and comics to explore social issues.

“The Science of Harry Potter” is taught at Frostburg State University. It answers physics questions “with a nod to Hogwarts.” Or perhaps your favorite youngster will sign up for “Maple Syrup: The Real Thing.” Here he, or she, can explore the history and mechanics of maple syrup production.

And certainly let’s not forget “Politicizing Beyonce” available at Rutgers. It will assess “U.S. class, racial, gender and sexual politics through the career of Beyonce.”

Actually, my favorite is “Underwater Basket Weaving,” although, fortunately, it is not a “for credit” course, at Reed College and the University of California San Diego.

Goodness knows what else is on some college campus that Time Magazine had neither the time nor inclination to chase down.